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Setting up WCMp Vendor Product Import Export

1. As an admin you can decide whether vendor can import / export products. For this, goto WCMp>Settings>Capabilities and enable the required options.

2. Click the Save Changes button.

Reference 1: admin configuration of import-export settings

Vendor Export Product

Exporting products to a .CSV file with WCMp Export tool:

1. Navigate to the Product Manager >> All Product page and click on the Export tab.

2. Select to Export All Columns. Or select which columns to export by using the dropdown menu.

3.  Select to Export All Products. Or select which product types to export by using the dropdown menu.

4. Select to Export All Categories. Or select which categories to export by using the dropdown menu.

5. Tick the box to Export Custom Meta, if you need this info.

Meta data on your products is typically from other plugins. Meta data columns are exported following the meta:-prefix standard detailed above in the importer mapping section. By default, no additional meta data is exported.

6. Select Generate CSV. Wait for the export to finish.

Vendor Import Product

1. Navigate to the Product Manager >> All Product page and click on the Import tab. CSV delimiter (Advanced option): Generally CSV elements are separated by a comma. If you are using a different delimiter in your file, you can set it here.

2. Select Choose File and the CSV you wish you use.

3.Continue. The Column Mapping screen displays, and WooCommerce automatically attempts to match or “map” the Column Name from your CSV to Fields.

4. Use dropdown menus on the right side to adjust fields or indicate ‘Do not import.’ *Any unrecognized columns will not be imported by default.

5. Select Run the Importer.



Note: You need to create the csv as per WooCommerce format. This document will help you out on how to create the csv. Remember the file size of the uploaded CSV (.csv) should not exceed 64Mb.

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Last updated on December 28, 2019
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