WCMp Vendor Membership


Getting started with WCMp Vendor Membership

Make sure you have WooCommerce and WC Marketplace set up properly.

Step I –  In order to buy the WCMp Vendor Membership add-on go-to: https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-vendor-membership/

Step II –

A.  Extract the downloaded wcmp-vendor_membership.zip file to the WordPress plugins folder your hostname/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/


B.  Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New. Click on Upload Plugin. Browse to the download file location, select the wcmp-vendor-membership.zip & install the plugin.

Step III –  Activate License (API License Key & API License email) specified in the WCMp License section found at WordPress Dashboard -> WCMp License to use the WCMp Vendor membership add-on.

To start setting up Vendor Membership

Navigate to  WCMp >> Membership

         1. General Tab

1.1 Global Message Section :  Configure this section, which you want to display based on various situations.

1.1.1 Success Message

1.1.2 Failure Message

1.1.3 Payment due Message

1.1.4 Upcoming Renew Reminder Message

1.1.5 Reminder Message After Grace Period

1.2  Notification Sections : Configure this sections, for payment due message

2. Payment Settings : Configure the payments for your membership options.

2.1.1  Paypal Email :

2.1.2  Sandbox Enabled : Enable sandbox mode for testing payments.

2.1.3  Paypal Application ID:

2.1.4  Price Display in list Page : Choose which price do you want to display in subscription list at the list page

2.1.5 Price Display in Checkout Page : Choose which price do you want to display in subscription list at the subscription page

2.2 Paypal Sandbox Details Section : Fill up this section for testing payment

2.3 Live Paypal Details Sections : Enter the live details of the PayPal.

Don’t forget to Save the changes.

3. Template Design : Configure this section to design the Templates

4. To configure the Vendor Types, Goto Vendor Types

4.1 To add Vendor Types, Click on “Add New” option: Add the vendor type’s title and description.

4.2 Vendor type features : Differentiating the types depends on the features. So, you can add n numbers of features to your vendor type and this will be visible to the vendors.

4.3 Vendor type access privilege : Control the admin’s approval for the vendor’s accessibility on the membership through this.

4.4 Vendor Type Billing Section : With the help of this section, you can either

4.4.1 To enable free membership plan, Enable the “Free Membership


4.4.2 set the price (fixed or recurring ) for the membership and even free membership plan. You can also offer the trial period for the package with the duration.

4.5 Vendor Type Message Section :  This section enables you to define your messages (which will be reflected to the vendors) based on different scenarios.

4.6 Vendor Type Capability section : Now allow the capabilities you would like to assign for the particular vendor type.

4.7 Vendor Type Limitation Section : To limit the category and products per vendor type through limitation section.

5. Save the changes

Setting up Vendor Membership Form

In order to set up vendor membership form; navigate to  

WooCommerce >> WCMp >> Vendor >> Vendor Registration

Setting up the membership (Frontend)

Step I > Create a button that will redirect the users to the Subscription pages.

Step II > After selecting the desired option, vendor will subscribe for that membership.

Step III > After Subscribing for the category, the page will provide all the features under that category.

Step IV > Now the vendor have to proceed with the payment through either Paypal or Card and also have to register as a vendor through the Registration form.

View lists of vendor subscribed for the membership

When vendors will subscribed for a particular membership, their application would come for approval. Where Admin can:

  1. Either Reject or Accept their application.
  2. Type of membership
  3. Name of the user
  4. Start Date
  5. Trial Period
  6. Billing amount
  7. Next Payment

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Last updated on December 31, 2019
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