WCMp Translation Guide

We have been hearing about this for a while from a lot of our users now so we decided to put out a visual guide for helping you translate the plug-in language file.

Step 1 – Download and install the latest version of Poedit

Step 2 – Once you are done installing Poedit, navigate to the plug-in folder, default: dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor

screen grag_language 1

Step 3 – Locate and open the folder named ‘languages’

Step 4 – Open Poedit and on the welcome menu, ‘Click Edit a Translation’ and open the file named wcmp-en_US located in the plugin languages folder. This is the base language file for our plug in and as the file name suggests, it contains all the stock English text we used while building the plug-in.


Step 5 – Once you open the file, you’ll see something like the screengrab below.


Step 6 – Select the source text line and enter the translated text in the box labeled ‘Translation’


Step 7 – Once you are done, just hit the save button and you’ll be good to go.

Sometimes, after you have installed one of our version updates, you are more than likely to find that new lines of text haven’t been translated and are being displayed in the default language (most probably English). Now, it’s not a feasible idea to scroll through the entire language file and visually locate which new lines need to be translated.

The best thing to do would be:
1. Open the language file in Poedit
2. On the top menu bar, click on Catalog>Update from Sources
3. Once you do, all the new lines of text would be sorted to the top of the list and you can translate them like usual.
4. Save and close the file once you are done updating the file.

Here is a screengrab just to make things simpler:


Once you are done with the translations, do send them over via email to contact@wc-marketplace.com along with your WordPress.org profile link so that we can showcase your contribution on the plugin page.

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