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WCMp has now brought in the most wanted – Stripe Split payments.

Getting Started

To proceed with Stripe Configuration read this document before.

WCMp Stripe Marketplace Configuration:

First you need to create a stripe account from here https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

Following are the steps of how to create a stripe account:

  1. Click on the link and fill in the details and click on create an account.
  2. Once an account is created, verify the email address and activate your account.
  3. Once your account is activated, enable test mode if you are not sure about using stripe or disable test mode if you want to use live account. 

For further information,refer to this link: https://stripe.com/docs

The following steps will show you how to configure stripe on both admin and vendor’s end. Once you’ve learnt all your steps going through Stripe will be as easy as a pie.

Admin end configuration-

In order to configure stripe gateway follow these steps:

1.Go to Setting of WCMp.

2.Now navigate to Payments tab and navigate to “Stripe Gateway” 

  1. Under “Stripe Gateway” tab, configure the following option:-
  2. Enable test mode– If you are not sure about using the stripe, then enable this option.
  3. Configure redirect url– You can copy this url and configure stripe sandbox account.
  4. Test Client Id– In order to get client id go to “Connect Settings”  under “Settings” and scroll down to “Integration tab”

API Keys:

  • Stripe Connect Account Types: You can select which account type of stripe you want your vendor’s to select from the dropdown list.
    • Standard– If standard account is created then user will be able the full dashboard
    • Express-If express account is created then user will be able to access only the express dashboard
    • Custom– If custom account is created then user will not be able to access the custom dashboard.

                                            Standard account

                                             Express account

                                                   Custom account

  • Stripe Marketplace– Configure the following stripe marketplace settings:
  • Enable Stripe Marketplace-Enable this option if you want to allow customer to make payment through stripe.
  • Stripe Charges– You can select what type of stripe charges you want to allow.
    • Direct charges– If enabled by admin then commission will go to both admin and vendor’s account simultaneously.
    • Destination charges– This type of charge is recommended for Express and Custom account types. If enabled fund will go to connected accounts.
    • Separate Charges and transfers– If enabled by admin, then commission will go to admin’s account  first and then fund will be transfered from admin’s account to transfer vendor.
  • Title– This title will be shown during checkout.
  • Description– This description will be displayed during checkout.
  • Enable Save Card-If this option is enabled, users will be able to pay using saved cards.
  • Stripe 3D SCA– If enabled then at the payment page, customers have to provide their 3D secure pin for payment.
  • Enable Debug– This option is for developer purpose.

However, we would suggest you contact the stripe plugin forum in order to create a suitable account.

Membership recurring payment receiving

In order to receive recurring payments from vendors (by using WCMp Vendor Memberhsip), when they are applying for a membership plan, you need to configure a webhook for stripe.

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Last updated on December 21, 2021
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