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WCMp has now brought in the most wanted – Stripe Split payments.

Getting Started

To proceed with Stripe Configuration read this document before.

WCMp Stripe Configuration (By the Administrator)

WCMp Stripe Marketplace is simple to use. Stripe Marketplace settings can be found in Stripe Gateway under Payment settings.

  1. Upon activation, Stripe Marketplace is disabled. You can enable it by checking the box for Enable Stripe Marketplace.
  2. Add a Title and a Description that will show up on the checkout page of the customer as Stripe gets added to the list of available p[ayment gateways.
  3. Check the box for Enable Debug so that all errors during transactions get logged into a file (highly recommended).
    Reference 1: WCMp Stripe Configuration (By the Administrator)

How different is WCMp Stripe Marketplace from WCMp Core Stripe?


WCMp Core

WCMp Stripe Marketplace



WooCommerce & WC Marketplace

Module Supported

Manual Vendor Commission Disbursal

Customer checkout with Stripe, Automatic Vendor Commission Disbursal, Real-time Split Payment


Does not add anything to customer’s checkout. It is totally concerned with vendor commission disbursal.

Adds Stripe payment gateway (Credit Card) to checkout

Payment Process

When a vendor requests for a withdrawal or the Disbursement Schedule is reached, the funds get transferred from the admin’s account to the respective vendor’s.

When a customer buys vendors’ products on the website, the amount immediately gets split between all the vendors’ whose products were bought at checkout and also the admin.

Disbursement Schedule


Ignored as the split payments are real time.

Transaction Fees

To be handled by the Admin

No separate transaction fees

EU Compliancy



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Last updated on May 5, 2020
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