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WCMp Seller Verification creates a bridge of trust between your consumers and your marketplace. Let your customer identify true retailers among a handful of anonymous traders. Verify your vendors by their address, ID proof and even their social presence using this extension and let your customers have a hassle-free experience when they shop. Verified vendors, on the other hand can enjoy a whopping consumer base as they have earned a badge of trust from the site admin.

Installation & Licensing

To know about the installation and licensing of WCMp Seller Verification please visit our installation and licensing guide.

 WCMp Seller Verification Configuration (By the Admin)

  1. To set the Vendor Verification, navigate to WCMp >> Settings >> Vendor Verification.
  2. Upload the logo of the badge you want to add to the vendor’s profile once he/she has been approved. This logo will also be displayed at the vendor’s product also. Take a look at the screen capture below to clarify your thoughts.
    Reference 1: WCMp Seller Verification Configuration ( By the Admin )
  3. Configure the Google account and you will get the consumer key and consumer secret from here – https://console.developers.google.com/start
  4. The same way configure the FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin account. Get your consumer key and consumer secret for Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin.
  5. “Save Changes” will update the WCMp Seller Verification settings.

To verify vendor’s information :

  1. Admin can verify the vendor’s information by navigating to WCMp >> To-Do List. Once all the information have been verified, the vendor will be able to view the “Badge” in their shop page as well as along their products.
  2. Admin can also view the verify vendor by navigating to WP-Dashboard >> Users list as well as under the “Verified Vendor” tab. Reference 2 will give a better perspective of the same.

    Reference 2: WCMp Seller Verification Configuration ( By the Admin )

WCMp Seller Verification Configuration (By the Vendor)

To add necessary Verification details:

  1. Go To vendor dashboard, then navigate to Store Settings >> Verification
  2. Add the “Address Verification”
  3. Vendor can add ID verification like National ID Card , Driving Licence or Passport. Vendor can upload the supported document for any one of that.
  4. Vendor can also connect their social profiles like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Refer to the screen capture below.

    Reference 3: WCMp Seller Verification Configuration ( By the Vendor )

Exhibit Assurance

Once approved by the admin, vendor will get the “Approved” logo ( uploaded by the admin ) added to their shop page. The approved logo will also be added to the vendor’s products as well. Reference 4 and Reference 5 shows the mentioned conditions.

Reference 4: Exhibit Assurance

Reference 5: Exhibit Assurance

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Last updated on December 31, 2019
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