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Brief Introduction

Reports can be a very useful tool when it comes to assessing the financial health of your marketplace. They can help you take prompt decisions, make future plans, and devise financial strategies. So keeping this in mind WCMp decided to upgrade its report feature and made it more detailed, more convenient, and yet simple and easy to understand. To learn what these new features are and how they will benefit you, in the long run, keep reading.

 But before that let us get a brief overview of what WCMp report does

Brief Overview

WCMp reports help you

  • Get an overall idea about the ongoing performance of your marketplace
  •  Predict your sales and income based on a vendor-wise or product-wise report 
  •  Receive a banking overview that gives you a financial account of any specific vendor, this includes their credit or debit
  • Have a vendor wise search option where you can search the data on any specific vendor just by typing his name in the search field  
  • View sales data on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis

Now that you have got a general idea of what the WCMp report does, let us read in detail what the function of each section displayed on the WCMp Reports Page is.

The Overview tab

The first tab you come across once you open the Reports page, found under the WCMp menu of the Admin dashboard, is the Overview tab. The overview tab as the name suggests gives you a report of how your marketplace is functioning. This would include reports on :

  • Sales: Here you can view the total amount of money earned from the sale of the products sold on your site
  • Signup Vendors: The number of vendors signed up on your site which includes both approved or pending vendors, are shown here
  • Awaiting Products: Here you see the number of the product that is yet to be approved by you
  • My Earning: You will be able to view the total amount you have earned by the sale of each product here 
  • Pending Vendor: This is different from signup vendors as it lets you know about the number of vendors that have signed up on your site but are yet to be approved by you.
  • Awaiting Withdrawals: Here you would be able to view the number of withdrawal requests made by your vendors.

As mentioned above you can compare them on a 7days or a month to month basis and see how much well your site is performing.

Vendor- Wise Report

The vendor- wise report graphically represents each vendor’s sales along with the commissions earned by both you and the vendor from those sales. But that isn’t all we have to offer. The new WCMp reports also lets you be more selective and specific about what you want to view. This basically means you can now sort your reports based on the vendor’s sales, the admin’s earnings or the vendor’s earning with plans of adding a few more filters in the future.

Product-Wise Report

The product-wise report like the vendor-wise report graphically represents the sale of each product sold on your site. Here, you can sort what you wish to view, which includes the report on product sales or vendor earnings or even the admin earnings.

Banking Overview

The banking overview is one of the popular demanded features that WCMp decided to add while upgrading our reports. Through the banking overview, you would be able to see the bank statement of any vendor or your choice. The bank statement includes:

  • Status: Here you will be able to view the payment status of the vendor’s commissions. 
  • Date: Here the date on which the commission had been issued is displayed.
  • Type: You can see the type of transaction taking place here for example commissions
  • Reference id: The identity number through which you can track your commissions is displayed here
  • Credit: The amount you receive is given here
  • Debit: The amount withdrawn or received by the vendor is displayed over here
  • Balance: The total amount of sale is shown over here

Vendor-Wise Search Field

Another great addition to WCMp reports is the vendor-wise search field. With this feature, you can now grab data on any vendor just by typing his name on the search field. 

Customizable Date Search

If you are a frequent user of WooCommerce then you may probably be familiar with this feature. With this feature, you will have to add a specific date in the customize section and select search. Once you do that the data recorded on that day would be displayed in front of you. 

In conclusion, the WCMp report now not only allows you to locate data on any specific vendor but also the date available on any specific date. Isn’t this a handy solution for those who hate to waste time?

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Last updated on September 18, 2020
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