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Setup Razorpay from Admin end

  • Go to the admin dashboard and hover over the WCMp menu option until the submenu pops up. From the WCMp menu list choose the Setting submenu
  • Once the setting page opens go to the Payment tab and then scroll down to the How/When to Pay section
  • In the How/When to Pay section, choose Razorpay as an allowed payment method option
  • Once selected navigate to the right-hand side of the Payment Page and select the Razorpay Gateway 
  • As soon as the Razorpay Gateway page loads fill in the following field 
    • Key ID
    • Key Secret
  • You will get these details from here: https://dashboard.razorpay.com/app/keys
  • Once chosen select Save Changes

Connecting Vendor 

In order to pay a vendor, the admin first manually adds the vendors from their Razorpay account. To know more about this process, please follow Razorpay Doc :


Configuring Razorpay Account for Vendors

When admin will create razorpay account for the vendors, each vendor will receive email from Razorpay to create their account and password.

Admin also need to send the account ID to the vendor

Then vendor has to add that account ID from their dashboard

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Last updated on June 15, 2021
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