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WCMp PDF Invoice automatically creates invoices when an order is received and sends it to the admin, vendor and customer as is the case. It allows the vendor to print the packing slip for ease of delivery and that’s not all, WCMp PDF Invoice let’s the admin/ vendor decide their invoicing template from a range of 5 fully customizable invoice designs and the very new WCMp PDF Invoice is easier to use and setup.

Note: The latest version of WCMp PDF Invoice is no more dependent on WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips.

Installation & Licensing

To know about the installation and licensing of WCMp PDF Invoice please visit our installation and licensing guide.

WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Administrator)

WCMp PDF Invoice is mostly configured by the admin but can be done easily as all the settings related to this extension are under one single roof. Admin can control the appearance and contents of the invoice received by the customer, vendor, and the administrator while the vendors can change and customize their invoice style and settings previously set by the admin.

  1. WCMp PDF Invoice creates a new endpoint to your vendor dashboard, settings related to those can be found in the Vendor Pages menu under Vendor tab of WCMp Settings. Read more about endpoints here. Reference 1: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Administrator)
  2. Admin can configure the global settings from the “PDF Invoices” tab under WCMp Settings.
    • The admin can decide how the customer, vendor or admin views the PDF invoice from their account, whether they can directly download it or view it in the browser itself. Point 1 of Reference 2 shows the mentioned setting.
    • The admin can decide the size of the PDF invoice, the customer, vendor or the admin sees. The admin has options A4 or Letter to choose from.
    • The admin can also decide the PDF invoice orientation for the customer, vendor or the admin. The admin has options Portrait or Landscape to choose from.
    • The admin decides when to generate and send the invoices by selecting an email action from the “Attach to Email” option. By default, this option remains disabled. See Point 4 of Reference 2 below for clarity.
    • The admin can set the default template for all ( admin, vendor, and customer ) invoices from “Select Default Invoice Template” ( Reference 4 ). This determines how the invoice will look if not overridden by the vendor. By default, the invoices are styled according to “Template 1”. Vendor can, however, override the appearance of their invoice from their dashboard about which it has been discussed later in this topic. See Point 5 of Reference 2 to see the available options and click on the link Point 6 to see the previews of the selected templates. However, Reference 3 provides a small demo of the available templates.
    • You can also decide to show/hide the invoice number on the invoice generated by checking/unchecking the Invoice Number option.
    • Invoice Number Format works only if Invoice Number option is checked. This field basically adds a prefix to the generated invoice number. You can choose to add the current year or month as a prefix by simply copying/writing ‘YEAR’ or ‘MONTH’ from the description provided below. Remember, these options are case-sensitive and all the letters need to be in capital letters. You can also add an alphanumeric number in this field.
    • Admin can also set globally the company logo ( vendor can instead choose to display their logo on their invoices ) (Point 9 Reference 2).Reference 2: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Administrator)
      Reference 3: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Administrator)
  3. From the “Admin Template Settings” section you can decide the fields that will show on the admin’s invoice.
    • Check the box for “Subtotal“, to show the order subtotal, check the box for “Discount“, to show the discount obtained for the order, “Tax“, to display the tax levied on the order ( Reference 4 ).
    • On checking the box for “Shipping“, the invoice will also display the shipping details. while checking “Payment Method“, the payment method used to pay the order with will be displayed on the invoice ( Reference 4 ).
    • Set risk conditions from the “Terms and Conditions” section to display the same on the invoice itself ( Reference 5 ).
    • If “Show Customer Note” is enabled, then this will display the note included by the customer at the time of purchase on admin’s invoice ( Reference 5 ).Reference 5: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Administrator)
  4. From the “Customer Template Settings” section you can decide the fields that will show on the customer’s invoice.
    • You can decide the order status at which the customer will be able to download/view ( depending on the option you have selected in the PDF Output in the General Settings ) their invoice from their account by selecting the appropriate option from the “Customer can see invoice in My Account order” dropdown ( Reference 6 ).
    • Similar to what had been discussed above, display the order subtotal, discount obtained, the tax levied, shipping details, payment method used to pay on the customer invoice by enabling the respective options and you may also add conditions in the corresponding text field ( Reference 6 ).
    • Enabling “Show Customer Note” will display the note that the customer has provided at the time of purchase in their invoice ( Reference 6 ).Reference 6: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Administrator)
  5. Checking the box for “Enable Packing Slip” will permit the vendor to download the packing slips for each order from their dashboard. Reference 7 shows the setting.Reference 7: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Administrator)

WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Vendor)

  1. From your vendor dashboard, go to “PDF Invoice” under “Store Settings“. This will redirect the vendor to the “PDF Invoice” page where the vendor can edit their invoice style and settings. The vendor invoice displays their earnings and invoice components against an order placed.Reference 8: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Vendor)
  2. Select your preferred template” from the dropdown. You can choose from our five template styles. Selecting an option provides an instant preview of the template selected which you can see by clicking on the link below. See screenshot ( Reference 9 ) below for better understanding.
  3. Upload your company logo in the “Logo” section, by default, the logo that will be displayed is the globally set by the admin. Take a look at Reference 9 for better understanding.
  4. Check the boxes for “Subtotal“, “Discount“, “Tax“, “Shipping“, “Show Payment Method” to see the order subtotal, discount given, tax imposed, shipping details applied and the payment method used by the customer to pay off the order. Reference 9 will provide a clarity on the same.
  5. Add loss conditions on your invoice from the “Terms and Conditions” sections. See Reference 9 for clarity.
  6. Checking the box for  “Show Customer Note” will display the note that the customer has provided at the time of purchase on your invoice.
  7. Lastly, click on “Save Options” to update your preferences.Reference 9: WCMp PDF Invoice Configuration (By the Vendor)

Download/View Invoices

  1. The admin can download the PDF invoice for an order in two ways: One by simply by going to WooCommerce orders and then clicking on the PDF icons under the Action column against the selected order whose invoice/packing slip needs to be downloaded/viewed or the admin can go to the respective order, by clicking on the same, and download/view the invoice or packing slip on a per order or per vendor basis by either selecting the option for “For Order” and then clicking “PDF Invoice” ( generates the invoice for the order – received by the customer ), or generate it for each vendor by clicking on “For Vendor-Name” to generate the vendor’s copy of the invoice. You can also download the packing slip similarly. ( To understand invoice calculations and components refer to the following section ). Follow the screen capture below to get a vivid understanding of the same.Reference 10: Download/View Invoices
  2. The vendor can download the invoices from the “Orders” tab in the vendor dashboard by clicking on the “PDF icons” as shown in the screenshot below and if admin has enabled packing slip option from the PDF Invoice settings, the vendor will be able to download packing slips as well.Reference 11: Download/View Invoices
  3. The customer can download their invoices by logging into their account and then browsing to the “Orders” tab in the “My Account” section. The customer will be able to download the invoices only when their order status matches with the one that has been set by the admin. See screenshot below for clearer understanding.Reference 12: Download/View Invoices
  4. The email provided during checkout by the customer shall receive the invoice by email and can download the same from there.

 Understanding Invoice Components

  1. Vendor PDF Invoice Components / Admin’s PDF ( per vendor ) Invoice ComponentsReference 15: Understanding Invoice Components 
  2. Customer PDF Invoice Components / Admin Invoice ( per order ) Components Reference 16: Understanding Invoice Components 
  3. Vendor Packing Slip Invoice ComponentsReference 17: Understanding Invoice Components 

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