WCMp PDF Invoice

Product Description

This WC-Marketplace extension automates the invoicing process. It automatically creates and attaches the PDF invoice to the mail based on various order status set by the vendor.

Getting Started with the WCMp PDF Invoices

  1. Download WCMp PDF Invoices  add-on from https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-pdf-invoice/
  1. Extract the downloaded wcmp-pfd_invoices_picking_ticket.zip file to the WordPress plugins folder your hostname/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/


Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New. Click on Upload Plugin. Browse to the download file location, select the wcmp-pfd_invoices_picking_ticket.zip & install the plugin.

3. To activate the plugin on your WooCommerce site go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Click on Activate under WCMp PDF Invoices.

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