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WCMp has now brought in the most wanted – WCMp PayPal Checkout payments. This will pay the vendor’s directly from checkout. 

WCMp PayPal Checkout Configuration (By the Administrator)

WCMp PayPal Marketplace is simple to use. WCMp PayPal Checkout settings can be found in under WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payment settings.

  • Upon activation, WCMp PayPal Checkout is disabled. You can enable it by checking the box for Enable WCMp PayPal Checkout.
  • Enable PayPal Split Payment , to send vendors their money immediately from the checkout page.

  • To have a proper functioning Pay WCMp PayPal Checkout running on your site that helps disburse vendor’s payments, go to the PayPal Payout tab under Payments and enter the Client ID and Secret obtained from PayPal.

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Last updated on June 28, 2021
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