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WCMp has now brought in the most wanted – WCMp PayPal Checkout payments. This will pay the vendor’s directly from checkout. 


  1. Installation and activation.
  2. Paypal split payment configuration.
  3. Vendor end configuration.

Installation and Activation:

  1. Once the plugin “WCMp Paypal Split Payment” is installed, go to License tab under WCMp.
  2. In License tab, navigate to “WCMp Paypal Checkout” tab and click on “Deactivation”.
  3. Disable the checkbox “Deactivate API Key” and click on save changes.
  4. Now go to Activation tab and provide API key and Product Id and click on save changes.

Admin end Configuration:

1.Once the plugin “WCMp Paypal” is installed and activated, go to Settings of WCMp and navigate to “Payments” tab.

2.Now scroll down to “How/When to pay” and  enable “Paypal Masspay”.

3. Go to Settings  of Woocommerce and navigate to Payments tab and enable “WCMp Paypal Checkout”.

4. Once activated click on “WCMp Paypal Checkout” and configure the following optiuons.

  • Enable/Disable- Enable this option if you want to use Paypal Standard payment option.
  • Title-This is the title which the user sees during checkout.
  • Paypal Sandbox– Check  this box to enable test mode. 
  • Enable Paypal Split Mode– Check this to enable split payment, but if disabled then vendors will not receive money instantlhy after customers payment.
  • API Credentials-To generate REST API credentials for the sandbox and live environments follow this link : https://developer.paypal.com/developer/notifications/recent/4822482744942291884 
  • Sandbox Account Email-Enter sandbox account email id.
  • Sandbox Client id-Enter your sandbox client id.
  • Sandbox Secret-Enter your paypal sandbox secret id.
  • Enable/Disable– If this box is checked then it will enable advanced credit and debit card payment.
  • 3D secure-If this option is enabled then while payment checkout you’ll need to verify.
  • Invoice Prefix– Enter the preferred prefix for invoice you want to show after billing.
  • Disable debit and credit card– If this box is checked then you’ll not get the option of paying by debit and credit card at checkout.
  • Debug log– We recommend using this for debugging purposes only and deleting the logs when finished.

Vendors configuring Paypal account 

From the vendor dashboard navigate to the store setting tab and from here go to billing. Choose PayPal mass pay from the payment method. The vendor should also need to have a separate PayPal account and a separate PayPal email address to continue with the process 

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Last updated on December 17, 2021
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