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We’ve been asked a few several times on the steps to override WCMp templates. This article will cover the basics of overriding WCMp templates.

Why do we need to override a file?

Sometimes you might need to create a different layout of the content or add additional content directly to the templates. We’ve tried to provide the best possible templates, however, you might feel the absolute necessity to change the layout to match your theme/ idea.

Which files can be overridden?

All the .php files found in the templates folder of WCMp plugin ( Plugin Folder Name: dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor ) can be overridden. You can chekc our code from GitHub : https://github.com/wcmarketplace/dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor

Reference 1: Which files can be overridden?

How to override WCMp templates?

Create a folder name dc-product-vendor inside your child theme and copy the file you want to override from the plugin template folder and simply paste it inside dc-product-vendor folder. However, if you want to override a file which is inside another folder in the templates directory, copy the folder name and create a folder of the same name inside dc-product-vendor and then paste the file in it.
Therefore, the path to override archive_vendor_info.php would be: yourtheme/dc-product-vendor/archive_vendor_info.php..
In order to override email template for admin-new-vendor-account.php, the path would be: yourtheme/dc-product-vendor/emails/admin-new-vendor-account.php.
In case of any confusion regarding the path to be created, refer to the commented section on the top of any template file and look out for a line similar to this: Override this template by copying it to yourtheme/dc-product-vendor/vendor_tab.php.

Reference 2: How to override WCMp templates?

Learn to add a child theme to your site from https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes.

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Last updated on December 28, 2019
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