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MANGOPAY makes payments easy for your users by allowing them to pay in multiple currencies and with various payment methods.

Automate all payment flows and commissions with one single contract so you can focus on the growth of your platform.

WCMp MANGOPAY Marketplace Configuration (By the Administrator)

  1. Check the box against MANGOPAY in Allowed Payment methods, under How/When to Pay section in WCMp Payment Settings. Once you enable MANGOPAY and save the options, you’ll see the MANGOPAY Gateway tab getting added to the dedicated payment list tab.
  2. Put your MANGOPAY credential ( Client id, API key) in the settings options, Put your MANGOPAY payment title (this will be seen at the time of making payment),Choose the Split type ( If you want real time split then you have to choose real time otherwise by default it will take On schedule Split type).
  3. After making all the configuration, Save the changes.
  1. Navigate to MANGOPAY and some basic settings will appear.
  2. In order to test on a sandbox environment before you proceed with production, access the keys from MANGOPAY sandbox account. (link of the sandbox account)
  3. Add Client ID, API key obtained from MANGOPAY. Just contact MANGOPAY to access your keys : https://www.mangopay.com
  4. Here you can see two options,On Schedule and Real time.
    A. On Schedule: The schedule option simply enable the default payment flow of WC Marketplace. Therefore, the settings called “Disbursement Schedule” will be applicable here. If you check “On Schedule” option you  will be able to enable the convenient scheduling of future payments i.e. weekly, monthly etc. Therefore, customer can pay via any method like PayPal/Stripe/MANGOPAY etc.  To know how WCMp payment schedule works you can refer to this link: https://wc-marketplace.com/knowledgebase/setting-up-commission-and-other-payments-for-wcmp/#4
    B. Real Time:  This option will be more convenient for you. Because this splits the money between admin and vendor in real time. That means when the customer will pay via MANGOPAY, vendor and admin will get their part of the commission instantly.
  5. Then you will have to create your MANGOPAY wallet by clicking on the button “Create your MANGOPAY Wallet”. Once you click it, you will be asked to enter some details, just give it and then proceed.
  6. If your MANGOPAY Wallet is successfully created, you will see a message and the button will be renamed as “Recharge your Wallet”.
  7. “Recharge your Wallet” is optional. If you want to recharge your MANGOPAY wallet manually, then you can do it by this otherwise leave it.
Reference 2: WCMp Mangopay Configuration (By the Administrator)

WCMp MANGOPAY Configuration (By the Vendor)

  1. After logging in, the vendor simply needs to navigate to their Billing Settings and select MANGOPAY Connect from the dropdown list of available payment methods.
  2. This will display an account details form. The vendor needs to provide details such as :
  3. To save the data, just click on “Save Changes”.  
Reference 3: WCMp Mangopay Configuration (By the Vendor)

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Last updated on July 30, 2019
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