WCMp Frontend Manager

WCMp Frontend Manager (FPM)

WCMp Frontend Manager add-on allows your vendors to add products & manage coupon from their frontend dashboard. Thus making vendors’ need of accessing wp-admin area, optional. To keep things simple for your vendors, FPM further allows Admin to restrict vendors within their frontend dashboard. All this to achieve a cleaner UI and better user experience for your vendors.

Installation & Licensing:

To know about the installation and licensing of WCMp FPM please visit our installation and licensing guide here.

WCMp Frontend Manager Configuration:

Setting up FPM is as easy as pie. As Admin, you got the option to allow or disapprove backend access for your vendors. Go to WCMp -> Settings, under General you will see “Disallow vendors wp-admin access” checkbox. Enabling it will disallow vendors to access WordPress backend.

Additionally FPM installs 4 new pages to your vendor dashboard, settings related to those can be found from Settings -> Vendor tab under Vendor Pages section (see images below).

By default, you don’t need to bother about these settings, but in very rare scenario if you want to assign custom pages, you can do so from the section marked above. Keep in mind assigned pages should have associated shortcodes inside them.

Enable Product Capabilities to vendors

Admin can approve or disapprove the vendors from accessing certain product types and enabling specific product attributes for their product setting at their frontend dashboard. To give the vendors his desired product features, admin must navigate to WCMp -> Settings -> Capabilities and choose the preferred option.

Add products from WCMp FPM

Adding a product is a breather for vendors with WCMp FPM.
To add a product, vendors need to go to the “Product Manager” tab & select “Add Product” from the sub-menu in vendor dashboard. This will direct the vendor to the Add Product Page where they can choose from Simple, Variable, External/, Affiliate product types.

If the vendors want to move beyond these product types, admin must install the WCMp Advanced Product Types and allow them to create, manage and sell Bookable Product, Subscription, Rental, and Auction product types from their store.

After choosing the product type, vendor can provide required product information in their specific fields.

Manage products from WCMp FPM

In order to Edit/ delete the published product, vendors need to click on the “Shop” page.

This will direct them to the vendor’s Shop page. There they will get two check boxes which will let them “edit” or “delete” the product.

Navigating to the “Product Manager” tab & select ” Pending” from the sub-menu in vendor dashboard the vendors will get all the products that await admin’s approval.

Add coupon from WCMp FPM

To add a coupon at their store, vendors must navigate to the “Promote” tab and select “add coupon” from the sub menu in vendor dashboard. They must provide all the required information in the respective fields (Coupon Title, Coupon Description, Discount Type, Coupon Amount and Coupon Expiry Date).

With “Usage Restriction” and “Usage Limit” tabs, vendors can optimize their coupons for buyers.

Manage coupon from WCMp FPM

To manage their coupons vendors must navigate to the “promote” tab and select “coupons” from the sub menu in vendor dashboard to view the coupons created in past (pending as well as approved). In order to edit the coupons, vendors will have to click the “eye” icon.

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