Setting up – Subscription

Through subscription vendor can create :
a. Simple subscription
b. Variable subscription

1.1 Create a Simple subscription product

  1. Select Simple Subscription or Variable Subscription as the product type.
  2. Set the terms for the subscription, including price, billing interval, billing period, length,sign-up fee and trial period (length, sign-up fee and trial period are all optional).
  3. Add product details you require.
  4. Submit.

1.2  Simple Subscription

Choosing Payment Schedule

This section provides  flexibility for scheduling renewal for the subscription products.  You can change renewal payments using billing period of daily, weekly, monthly or even annually and interval between 1 and 6 ( inclusive ).

In order to change a fortnightly payment, set the price to every 2nd week.

In order to charge quartly, set the price to every 3rd month.

1.3 Variable Subscription

The Variable Subscription product type is similar to Variable Product.

In addition to allowing different product attributes, each variation in a Variable Subscription can have a unique: Sign-up fee, Trial period, Recurring price, Billing period, Subscription length

Vendor Dashboard

Vendor can manage the orders  from their Vendor Dashboard.

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