Setting up – To-Do List for WCMp


About To-do List tab

The “To-do List” tab does not need any setting up. This tab simply lists down all the tasks that need your attention. Depending on your configurations you have in the WCMp Settings, this tab will list your pending activities that require action.

Task List that show up under To-do List

The task list that appears under the To-do list tab are:

  1. Vendor Applications
  2. Coupon Submissions
  3. Product Uploads
  4. Withdrawal requests
  5. Pending payment for Bank Trasnfer

Access To-do List tab

Navigate to WCMp from the Admin Dashboard and then click on To do List

This is how the To-do List looks when populated.

Reference 1: Access To-do List tab

Note: “Dismiss” is NOT “reject”. Dismissing a notification will just remove that notification from your To-do List and clean up the dashboard.

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Last updated on December 28, 2019
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