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Brief Introduction

Do you like being organised? Like having a check-list that tells you about all your pending tasks? WCMp brings to you its very own built-in To-Do list feature. It’s a simple task list that tells you all about your pending activities that require action.

To-Do List Tasks

The task list notifies you of all the pending tasks left, that need your attention. You can see pending vendor’s application, pending coupons approval, pending product approvals, withdrawal requests and pending payments for bank transfer here. WCMp 3.5 version has also introduced a new feature where you can view the number of tasks in the To-Do menu that you will have to see for yourself.

To open WCMp To-do List go to the Admin dashboard from there navigate to WCMp menu and select To-Do List submenu. Once the To-do List page loads, you will find a list of things requiring you to take actions.

The task list that appears under the To-do list tab are:

  1. Vendor Applications: Vendors who have registered on your site but are waiting for your approvalYou can choose to :
  • Edit: You can edit the vendor’s application in case he had missed some information
  • Activate: You can approve the vendor’s application and activate his account by simply clicking the activate icon. Once approved the vendors signed-up on your site will have access to all the functions available on the vendor’s dashboard which includes adding products, customizing vendor’s shop, viewing vendor’s reports etc to name a few. This also means that the vendor can now add and sell products on your site.
  • Reject: You can reject a vendor’s application if he does not meet your requirements. Rejecting a vendor would also mean that he cannot sell any products on your site.
  • Dismiss: You can dismiss a new vendor’s application to read later by choosing this option. However, dismiss does not mean you have rejected the vendor but it simply means that you have removed it from your To-do list.  This would keep your list clean and uncluttered. You can view your dismissed vendors application by selecting the Vendors submenu found under the WCMp menu option of your vendor’s dashboard.

To learn more about vendor registration or why the task appears here, read this document.

  1. Coupon Submissions: After the vendor creates a coupon he submits it for your approval. The pending coupon waiting for your approval will appear on your to-do list.  You can choose to either edit and dismiss it.
    1. Edit: If you have chosen to edit your vendor’s coupon you can select the edit button. Once you select the edit option the page containing the coupon details appear. You can either read the coupon details and directly publish it or in case of any mistakes edit and then publish it.
    2. Dismiss: You can also dismiss any pending coupons read later by selecting this option. To view any dismissed coupon you can go to the WooCommerce menu found on your admin dashboard and then select coupons.

To learn more about how this process takes place, read this document carefully.

  1.  Product Uploads: After a vendor adds a product from his dashboard he submits it to you to wait for your approval. You can either choose to edit or dismiss it
    1. Edit: if you have selected the edit option you will be directed to the page containing the product details of the product waiting for your approval. You can read through the information and directly publish it but in case of any errors, you can edit the information and then publish it.
    2. Dismiss: You can set aside a pending product by selecting the Dismiss option. Once selected, you would be asked to state a reason for dismissing the product. The vendor would then receive a note on the product page stating why you had dismissed the product. This is a new addition made in the WCMp 3.5 version that lets you communicate with your vendors better.

To learn more about products and product capabilities read here.

  1. Pending payment for Bank Transfer:  This task will appear on your task list right after you receive commission and in case you have not yet paid the vendor. You would be reminded of the commission date and time and the due amount that must be paid to the vendor. There are two actions that you can do: notify the vendor or dismiss this task to stop your to-do list from being cluttered.

Note: The second these tasks appear on the list WCMp will send you an email notifying you of the actions you can take.

Reference 1: Access To-do List tab

The to-do task list is a handy feature to have for those who love being organised.

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Last updated on September 18, 2020
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