Setting up – Auction

Choose Product Type as “Auction” to sell your Auction Product

After that, please fill up the General Tab, Image Gallery, Category, Inventory, Shippings, Attribute, Linked Product, Advanced tabs with required information. 

To understand how to operate your frontend, please visit Getting Started with WCMp Frontend Manager 

Before defining the price and availability of auction, specify the condition of the product (whether it’s new or used) 

After that define the Auction Type :

a. Normal : Select if you want to sell through normal auction

b. Reverse : Reverse Auction is useful where you want to achieve lowest possible price for a project, task or service.

Proxy Bidding: The Proxy bidding makes bidding convenient so you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time someone places another bid.

For further reference please visit here

Vendors must also define Auction Date. 

They need to enable the Automatic Relist Auction if they want to list this product again. In order to do that they should define “Relist if fail after n hours” and “Relist auction duration in h ( hours )” 

Click on the “Submit” button to publish the auction product.

Once the product will be added, you can view them on the shop page. Here is a reference for your understanding- 

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