Setting up- WCMp Advanced Frontend Manager

WCMp Advanced Product Types is the perfect solution to move beyond the single product and sell booking, subscription, auction and other products through your marketplace. To activate this options for your vendor, please navigate to WCMp >> Settings >> Capabilities >> Product Capabilities and Enable the Manage Booking and Manage Subscription and Manage Auction as per your convenience.


This add-on will let your Vendor sell time and date based booking product so that the vendors can offer appointments, services or even rentals.

Features for Admin:

Opportunity to select vendors:

Our new add-on provides the marketplace admin for selecting vendors to let them create, manage and sell booking and subscription products.

Features for Vendor:

1. Booking Features

a) Booking Slots: Vendors can create optional fixed time slots to show available bookings or let customers choose.

b) Booking Cost-Vendors at your marketplace can set custom costs per booking, resource, people or duration of the reservation mode.

c) Booking Confirmation Control: Your vendors can auto-approve their bookings or approve them selectively.

d) Booking availability- With this add-on, the vendor can notify to their customers when booking is available.

2. Translations

The add-on is compatible with the WPML plugin allowing vendors to sell their booking or subscription products in their preferred language.

3. Custom fields:

a) Custom Bookings: Vendor can manually create the bookings.

b) Custom Email Notifications: Vendor can set up email notifications for customers to inform or confirm them or request for bookings, as well as give them booking reminders.

4. Coupons: Vendors are enabled to give a discount on group bookings or provide per-person booking in a group booking.

To know more about how to add Bookable product, visit :Setting Up- Booking

Subscription :

WCMp Advanced Product Types allows the vendor create, manage and sell diverse subscription product and services with recurring payments. Vendors can create the product of the month clubs, weekly service subscriptions or even yearly software billing packages. Add sign-up fees, offer free trials or set expiration periods with our new add-on.


1. Subscription Schedule: Once installed and enabled, your marketplace Vendors can sell products on monthly, weekly and yearly subscription.

2. Payment Flexibility: Your vendors can charge an initial amount for sign-up fees, or offer free trails or set an expiration period.

3. Billing Schedule: Vendors can create multiple billing schedules for their customers

4. Coupons: Vendors can offer customers a discount on their monthly payments or attach coupon over the sign-up fee.

5. One time shipping: Your vendors can enable one-time shipping for a product. The shipping charge will be then applicable only once on the initial order.

(* Remember, for shipping to be charged on the initial order, the subscription must not have a free trial.)

6. Limit Subscription: Vendors can limit a customer to one subscription to ensure that each customer account only receives one free trial period.

To know more about the functionalities of the Subscription products, visit: Setting Up- Subscription


Make your marketplace popular among with auction products. The new features from WCMp Advanced Product Types will allow your marketplace buyers to grab products for their best price and make room for generating massive profit to your vendors.


Flexibility: Create, manage and sell unlimited auction products

Manage Auction: Assign a start date and end date to each auction product

Highlight Auction Products: Distinguish auction products by using a custom icon on both shop page and product page

Auction Types: Normal and reverse auction are enabled and Proxy bidding is also available

Easy Communication: Email notification is integrated where vendors can inform buyers on outbid note, auction won and fail, payment reminder, closure of auction, auction relist notice and more.

Language Compatibility: Loco translate and WPML compatible

To know more about the auction functionalities, visit Setting Up- Auction 

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