Setting up – Managing Vendors for WCMp

You need to have users with “vendors” role for the WCMp plugin to work.

New vendors may be added/created in 3 ways:

  1. Add a new user and assign Vendor role to that user.
  2. Assigns “vendor” role to existing user.
  3. Allow users to sign up as Vendors.

In case you allow users to sign up as vendors, you can also choose whether to manually approve all vendor applicants, or allow them to be vendors automatically.

How to assign “Vendor” role to existing users

Go to – Users > All Users

Select the users you want to assign vendor roles to. Change their roles to “Vendor”.

change role

How to allow users to sign up as vendors

Before you can allow users to register as vendors, you have to ensure that your WordPress and WooCommerce instance allows users to register.

Go to – Settings>General>membership – and enable “Anyone can register”

user reg

Go to – WCMp > Settings > General

Check “Approve Vendors Manually”. Marking this box unchecked will mean all vendor applications will be auto-approved.

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