Setting up – Assign Single Product to Multiple Vendors

This feature lets multiple vendors sell the same product. For example, iPhone X launches in the market and it will have the same look and features irrespective of which vendor sells it. Say, if “Vendor A” has already contributed to the specifications and detailing of iPhone X, “Vendor B” can just enter in the name and the features (previously entered by Vendor A) get copied to this product while “Vendor B” can add in, remove or edit the details as well. This makes his work easier and faster.
From the customer perspective, this allows them to get a brief comparison of the same product sold by different vendors and make a better choice from the available options.

Enable Single product Multiple Vendors on your Website

If you haven’t enabled the box for Single Product Multiple Vendors in the Admin Setup Wizard itself (Reference 1), you will have to navigate to Settings under WCMp menu and then check the box for Single Product Multiple Vendors under the General Tab (Reference 2).

Reference 1: Configure Single product Multiple Vendors (By the Administrator)

Reference 2: Configure Single product Multiple Vendors (By the Administrator)

Sell a pre-existing product (By the Vendor)

Sell a pre-existing simple product from the Vendor Frontend Dashboard

  1. From the Vendor Dashboard, click on Add Product under Product Manager. You will see the List a New Product screen.
  2. In this screen, you can either search for a product similar to yours being sold by other vendors or create a new product. A product can be searched using either it’s name or GTIN numbers.
  3. On clicking Search, similar products will appear as your search results. Click on Sell Yours to sell that product.
  4. Sell Yours will redirect you to the Add Product Details page. The add product page will be populated with datas already filled in during the previous product submission. You can also make changes if you think fit.
  5. Lastly click on Publish when you’ve finished adding all the product details.

Refer to the screen capture below to get a clearer understanding.

Reference 3: Sell a pre-existing product (By the Vendor)

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