Per Product Shipping



Per product shipping allows you to provide different shipping cost for per product based on customer location.


  1. WCMp 3.7 Version
  2. Woocommerce 
  3. WCMp Advance Frontend Manager
  4. Woocommerce Per Product Shipping


  1. Activation and installation
  2. Admin end configuration
  3. Vendor end configuration

Activation & Installation:

In order to use Per Product shipping, you’ll need to install Woocommerce Per Product Shipping and activate the plugin.

Woocommerce Per Product Shipping Configuration

Kindly note that Per Product Shipping is handled by Woocommerce.For further details about Per Product plugin kindly refer to this documentation :https://docs.woocommerce.com/?_ga=2.128009992.566383129.1633598285-1604881762.1629293599

Admin Configuration

Once the plugin is activated

  • Admin have to go to General tab under settings of WCMp.
  • Once in General tab, scroll down to “Shipping Setting”, and click on “Enable Vendor Shipping”.
  • Now,admin  have to go to shipping zones under shipping tab of woocommerce settings
  • select/add a new shipping zone then click on edit.
  • Under edit section of shipping zone, click on shipping method and enable per product shipping.
  • Once selected, click on edit below per product shipping.
  • In the edit tab you’ll find the following fields:
    • Method title– this is the title field which users can see during checkout.
    • Tax Status– admin can choose the tax status from the dropdown field.
    • Default Product Cost-If admin wants to add a global shipping cost excluding tax for all products they can set from here.
    • Handling fee(per product)- admin can set the handling fee without tax for each product in this field.
    • Handling fee(per order)-Admin can set the handling fee for each order in this field.

Vendor’s Configuration

  • Vendor can go to Add New Product  page from  Product Manager tab.
  • Once in add new product page scroll down to Product Data Box.
  • In Product Data box click on Shipping tab and enable per product shipping.
  • Once enable per product shipping box is clicked, a table with the following fields will pop up-
  • Country Code- In this field admin can give the country code they want for per product shipping or leave blank to apply to all the country
  • State/Country Code- This field is to provide state code. For example if anyone wants to give a state name West Bengal within India then they will have to write WB as a state code. 
  • Zip/Postal code- In this field admin can provide a specific postal code.
  • Line cost(excl.tax)-Admin can provide a line cost i.e, cost for each different item in the cart.
  • Item cost (excl.tax)- In this field admin can give cost of the item which will be multiplied by quantity.
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Last updated on December 6, 2021
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