Managing Bookings using AFM


All the bookings that have been created can be managed under the Bookings menu. This documentation discusses how a vendor can manage all their bookings.

All Bookings

All the bookings that have been created till date appears here sorted from earlier to latest date. The actions that can be taken against a booking are: Viewing a Booking Details and Confirming a Pending Booking.

When a booking is confirmed the customer receives an email invoice to pay which also contains a link to their My Account Page – through which they can pay.

When a vendor clicks ‘view’ on a booking, they will be taken to the Edit/View Booking page – this page is somewhat similar in both look and functionality to the Edit/View order page.

Edit a Booking

The admin has the right to edit nearly all the fields of a booking while a vendor on the other hand  can only edit the booking status.

Booking Statuses

  • Unpaid: As the term suggests, the booking requires payment as the respective order hasn’t been paid.
  • Pending: The booking is awaiting admin approval.
  • Confirmed: The booking is confirmed from the vendor’s side but is awaiting payment by the customer.
  • Paid: The booking has been paid by the customer.
  • Cancelled: The booking has been cancelled.
  • Complete: The booking is paid and the date is in the past.

Global Resources

Global resources can be viewed and added via the Bookings > Resources menu. The list shows the resources that were either created by the vendor (her)himself or by the admin.

Click the Add Resource button , and the Add New Resource screen appears. Enter a resource name and the quantity available. The very next section is the availability rules. To add a rule, click the Add Range button: A new row is added where you can choose a range type from options like months, day of the week, time or specific dates, from/to, whether it’s bookable or not (yes or no) and a priority number.

Creating bookings manually

If on an occasion, you decide to manually create a booking for a customer, go to Add Booking under Booking menu.

In the first Customer field, choose a customer with whom you want to associate the booking, select the equivalent Bookable Product and lastly in the Create Order section:

  • If create a new corresponding order is enabled, a Pending Payment order is created as well as a booking.
  • You also have the option to assign the booking to an existing order with the order’s ID.
  • If Don’t create an order is enabled, only a booking is created in Pending status.

After clicking next, a booking form appears that is identical to those shown on the front-end. Fill out the form, and click Add Booking to save. You will be redirected to the new booking or order, depending on your choices.

Show Bookings on a calendar

Go to Calendar under Bookings menu, a monthly calendar view is shown. If any bookings is available on a day, the booking will be displayed on that day of the monthly calendar itself.

Click on Day View to see the slots booked in a day. The slots booked will be shown in a colored block with the booking id.

You can also filter bookings based on bookable products or resources or by dates.

Send email to customers with future bookings

Go to Send Notification under Bookings menu. Select the product for which the customers who have a booking against in the future will be notified about. Enter the email subject in the Subject field. You can then enter a message content using the pre-defined tags provided below, these tags automatically get replaced with the users specific details e.g.

Hi {customer_first_name},

{product_title}, you had booked on {order_date} is now under renovation. Hence, we have to cancel your booking against Booking ID: {booking_id} as of now.

We hereby regret the inconvenience caused.



This email in the customer side will look like this:

Hi Eric,

Hotel XYZ, you had booked on 1st November, 2018 is now under renovation. Hence, we have to cancel your booking against Booking ID: #35346436 as of now.

We hereby regret the inconvenience caused.



Checking the Attach .ics file, will attach the iCalendar file with the events booked on that day to the email.

Booking Coupon Discount

Select Booking Person Discount (Amount Off Per Person) from the Discount type dropdown under Add Coupon menu to offer a coupon code to customers that gives a per person discount for bookings with multiple people.

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Last updated on July 30, 2019
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