Admin Multi-Step Setup Wizard


On activating the plugin, you’ll be asked to go through the Admin Setup Wizard. Following is a Video Tutorial for the same.

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  1. The first screen of the Setup Wizard is a welcome message with options to proceed (Let’s go!) or leave to set up later at your convenience (Not right now).
  2. “Not right now” will redirect you to the admin dashboard for obvious reasons while “Let’s go” will quickly configure the very basics of your Marketplace
  3. The second screen is a basic store setup procedure. Here you can tweak the default vendor store URL. You can also select whether your marketplace can have multiple vendors for a single product (Checking the box will enable the feature).
  4. The third screen sets up the ABC of the commission procedure. Select any one among the Revenue Sharing Mode ( Vendor Commission is what you, the site admin, pay the vendor. Admin Fees is what you, the site admin, charge.). Set your preferred “Commission Type” and “Commission value”. Get Detailed Information on Commissions here
  5. The fourth screen is an extension of commission payment procedure. Select your preferred payment methods by sliding over the provided gateways. Check “Disbursal Schedule” to automatically disburse vendor payments. On enabling the same, you’ll be asked to select the disbursal period for the same (“Set Schedule” section). Check “Withdrawal Request” to let vendors request their share of commissions. Read more on commission payments here
  6. The fifth screen lets you decide on the capabilities that the vendors enjoy throughout your marketplace. Check the boxes to let the vendor enjoy the named flexibilty.
  7. The last and final screen is a congratulatory note with a handful of options you can navigate to for quick access. To create a customized vendor registration form, click on the respective button while you can return to your Admin Dashboard by simply clicking “Return to the WordPress Dashboard” link. For more helpful links during your setup, refer to the “Learn more” section on the same screen itself!
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Last updated on February 22, 2020
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