WCMp Vendor Membership

WCMp Vendor Membership

You can set up membership plans for the vendor and let them subscribe to those plans. Now, to charge the vendors for adding products to the site, all you have to do is, set the “Per Product Addition Price Value” via Vendor Types >> Add New (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/puj5y1 ).

Our core plugin lets the vendors add products into the site after they are successfully registered into the site.

Now, To restrict some vendors from adding/publishing/editing products into the site, you can set up a membership plan and check all product related capabilities for the vendor except “Submit products” , “Publish products” , “Edit published products” (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/puj9vh )

Once you will activate WCMp Vendor Membership, the vendor can only register via Membership Plan. That is why, if membership plugin is activated, they have to first select the plan, then they will be directed to the registration form.

Currently, our plugin provides support for “simple” type products. Now, To add support for other other product types in the vendor membership plan, you can use our add on, Advanced Frontend Manager .

Yes, you can set up two plans (trial and recurring plan). First, the vendors will subscribe to the trial plan and as the plan expires, will subscribe to a recurring plan. 

To display all the membership plan : [wcmp_vendor_plan]

To display the payment sucessfull/error message : [wcmp_vendor_ipn]

To display membership plan details :  [‘wcmp_vendor_membership_plan_details’]

I have selected the option to approve vendors manually yet the vendor is auto approved.

>> The default flow of WCMp Vendor Membership is such that the vendor will be auto-approved only if they have paid for the membership plan and the payment is successful.

However, if you still want to manually approve the vendor even after successful payment, then add this code in the function.php of the active theme :

add_filter('admin_has_given_capability_to_approve_vendor', '__return_false');

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