WCMp Core

WCMp Core

To let the vendor’s receive full commission amount, you have to set the vendor’s commission as “100%” via WCMp >> Settings >> Payment >> Payment Settings (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pt9mak )

When an order is placed by the customer, WooCommerce creates an order id (i.e., parent order id). WCMp creates corresponding sub order id’s for each vendor’s product associated in the order.

WCMp checks the initial order status of the parent order and sets the same for the sub orders too. After that, vendor/admin needs to change order status for each sub order. Hence, apart from initial order status, if you change the status of an order, this won’t change the sub order status.

To let the vendors stop accessing the WordPress backend, all you have to do is, go to WCMp >> Settings >> General >> and enable “Disallow Vendors wp-admin Access” (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pn1k34 ) .

P.s – This option will only be accessible if you are using Advanced Frontend Manager add on .

You can set up various monthly/yearly plans for your vendors via Vendor Membership add on and let them subscribe to these plans.

To notify the customers subscribe for an interest on an out of stock product, you need to use our add on, WooCommerce Product Stock Alert.

Our plugin lets the admin add simple, variable, grouped, external type products and let the vendors add simple products from their frontend dashboard and grouped, variable, external products from their backend dashboard.

Now, to support for other product types(booking, subscription, rental, auction etc), you can use our Advanced Frontend Manager add on.  

*Please note, you need to use the corresponding plugins for these product types.

Yes, you can definitely create a service based marketplace using our plugin. For this, you have to enable product type “downloadable” via WCMp >> Settings >> Capabilities (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/puitsn ).

Now, if you want to enable booking services in your site, you need to use WooCommerce Booking plugin , as this is compatible with our add on, Advanced Frontend Manager. This will let your vendors add booking products into your site. For rental type booking, you may use WooCommerce Booking and Rental System plugin along with AFM. 

 For this, all you have to do is, enable “Subscription” product type via WooCommerce>> Settings >> Capabilities (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/puiwbe ).

To remove the “Sold By” text under the product’s name, disable “Sold  By” option via WCMp >> Settings >> General (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pwu8h1 )

To let the vendors edit categories of their already published products, all you have to do is, go to WCMp >> Settings >> General and enable “Disable Advance Marketplace Product Listing” (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pn357m )

Yes, we do let our vendors add coupons from his dashboard. For this, all you have to do is, enable Submit Coupons via WCMp >> Settings >> Capabilities (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pvx64c )

100$ is the minimum price for purchasing the add on, which will be for three sites.

The store page layout depends on the choice of the theme. Hence, you can use any WooCommerce compatible theme to achieve your purpose. 

 In order to override any template file, first you need to create a child theme and then you have to create a folder called “dc-product-vendor” and copy the template file inside that (i.e. the file path would be yourtheme/dc-product-vendor/template_file_name.php) and modify this as per your requirement.
To know more details on this, you can follow our doc.

You can find the “log” folder inside our plugin folder called “dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor”.

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