Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration

To restrict spammers from registering as vendors into the site, all you have to do is check “Approve Vendors Manually” via WCMp >> Settings >> General (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pt9l0i )

Yes, a pending vendor can also resubmit their application from their dashboard.

Both logged in(i.e., an existing customer) and non logged in user can register as vendor via the vendor registration form (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pvr6wx ). So, for logged-in user, we simply make them a vendor along with a customer of the site. For non logged in user, they become a user of the site and a vendor as well. 
Hence, vendor(through dashboard page) and customer(through My Account page) can maintain their informations via a single account. 

Kindly make sure that the vendor dashboard shortcode has no tag associated with it and the shortcode to be added should be in “text” view only (see this screenshot – https://prnt.sc/lqvzpo).

If still the issue persists, can you please go to Settings >> Permalinks and click on Save Changes without making any changes (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pukknm )

The vendor registration form has two default fields – username and password. These two fields are provided by WooCommerce.

Now, if you want to add any extra fields, all you have to do is, go to WCMp >> Settings >> Vendor >> Vendor Registration and then add your desired fields (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pn3hbo )

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