Vendor Customer Interaction

Vendor Customer Interaction

To let the customer’s search vendor by their location, all you have to do is, create page and add this the shortcode ‘[wcmp_vendorslist]’ .

This will list all the vendors on a page and let the customers search vendors by their location (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/poznr1 )
You can check the demo for vendor list page here.

Yes, customers can rate and review vendors. All you have to do is enable the review option via WCMp >> Settings : https://prnt.sc/qc2id0

You can also keep checking to only allow those customers of those vendors to rate.

Customers can contact vendors via our “Contact Vendor” widget. For this, all you have to do is, add the Contact Vendor widget via Appearance >> Widgets (see the screenshot – https://prnt.sc/pn211z )

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