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E-Commerce and the Big Business Holiday Season

By | December 9th, 2015|blog, Data Analysis, E-commerce & Web Stores, Sales & Marketing Ideas, Strategy|

It’s no secret that ecommerce is booming right now. Last year, North America’s B2C ecommerce revenue grew by 12.2% to $522.9 billion. With a 26.9% share of the global ecommerce market, overall revenues are projected to grow to more than $600 billion over the next two years with an expected share of 1.86% of the [...]

Web Stores Vs. Marketplaces Round – I

By | December 7th, 2015|blog, E-commerce & Web Stores, Marketplace Ideas, Single Seller, Strategy, WooCommerce Marketplaces|

The eCommerce landscape is an ever expanding territory in a state of constant flux. With every new piece of technology developed and introduced to assist sellers sell better, there is a significant shift in direction. However, with great opportunity comes a healthy margin of risks. Whichever direction you choose to veer towards, the opportunities are [...]

The Ultimate WordPress Statistics Infographics

By | December 4th, 2015|blog, Infographics, Wordpress Plugins & Developments|

Our plan is to write about serious, brainy stuff here on the WCMp blog, stuff that you can read and actually use. Deeply researched articles and reports which not only give you insight into current trends and practices but also gives you the much needed low-down in terms of e-commerce strategy, analysis and an odd [...]