WC Marketplace 3.0 brings simplicity, indulgence for owner, vendor, and of course developers, keep your seatbelts tight there’s more…

February 19, 2018 / 3 mins reading

[fusion_lightbox type=”” full_image=”” video_url=”” thumbnail_image=”” alt_text=”” description=”” class=”” id=””][/fusion_lightbox] The wait is over! WCMp 3.0 is finally out there. We are delighted to announce that WC Marketplace 2.7.8 is now version 3.0.1. Pretty exciting! Isn’t it? Nobody knows that better than us. Five months of blood and sweat(read caffeine and keystrokes) has now geared up […]

Online marketplace made easier with WC Marketplace 3.3

February 19, 2018 / 3 mins reading

Great news! The latest version of WC marketplace plugin, WC Marketplace v3.0 is here and how!
WC Marketplace v3.0 plugin will now come loaded with features along with improved look and feel.

WCMp v3.4 Sneak Peek

November 25, 2017 / 1 min reading

Get ready, fasten your seat belts and shout out LOUD as we take you through an impeccable ride of WCMp 3.4 (beta)!! 3 months of Fizzy Brainstorming! 45 days of Dramatic Execution! 315 hours of Strenuous Coding! 640 mugs of Intoxicating Caffeine! Beer? None! *sniff* *sniff* 😥 And the result? Enhanced, Elaborate and Easier WC-Marketplace 3.4! Really? Let me […]

COVID-19 Outbreak: WCMp team is supporting business affected by coronavirus

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