All About Amazon [Infographic]

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All About Amazon

When it comes to the world of eCommerce, Jeff Bezos is hailed as a visionary and vanguard. From a very humble beginning as an online bookstore, Amazon has over the years transformed itself into one of the largest eCommerce businesses in the world. Currently operating in as many as 15 countries all over the world, Amazon has diversified into deeply variegated categories – from foods, electronics and apparels to toys, furniture and even cloud infrastructure services.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon’s global growth has also been rapid. Amazon’s Chinese division has increased its listing from 1 million products in 2013 to 9 million in 2014. Currently, Amazon USA lists as many as 200 million products spread across 35 categories and the list is growing. The user base is also growing rapidly with as many as 1 million to 23 million active users registered on the top 10 Amazon domains.

The amount of data you can pull on Amazon is seemingly endless so here is a neat little infographic to give you a quick rundown. Hope you have enjoyed the stats that we have provided.

Published on - February 18, 2016
Last updated on - May 7, 2018
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