8 really good reasons to choose WordPress to build your marketplace

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WordPress needs no introduction. 

35% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. 

BBC America, The New Yorker, Sony, Star Wars, Beyonce, Microsoft News Centre, Bata, Marks and Spencer for Business… 

You name the most popular to most used websites, chances are they are built on WordPress. They say, 75 million websites are using WordPress now. It’s Google for building websites.

If WordPress is so popular and reliable, what’s stopping you from building your marketplace on WordPress?

This blog will discuss the most advantageous advantages of building a marketplace on WordPress.

Read on…

1. Yes to the most important marketplace essentials:

What does a good marketplace need? This feature, that feature, you mind must be all over the places now.  But, mostly a good marketplace offers comfort and convenience to everyone, admin, vendor and customer

Remember shopping on Amazon? That felt easy. Right? Remember, publishing your first blog. That was fast. Right? 

A good marketplace requires a solid, user-friendly architecture.  It must look good. Customers, vendors and even the admin should feel at home here. 

Welcome to WordPress. WordPress is user-friendly. By nature, it’s a CMS. Running a business on WordPress is cakewalk. 

It’s just like publishing a blog. The structure and the function of WordPress remain the same across all the websites, whatever their purposes are. 

And when it comes to e-commerce or marketplace websites, the basics are the same. For example, adding a product is the same as writing and publishing a blog.

Add Products    >>> Give it a name   >>> Write a description>>>  Add an image>>> Publish

Wordpress marketplace 
WordPress marketplace builder 
marketplace software

WordPress looks good. Millions of people are daily browsing on desktop, mobiles, using WordPress websites for purposes and interests.  Your marketplace has to be convenient, comfort to eyes and fingers. WordPress is a safe bet.

2. Incredibly less time to go to market:

The temptation of building a custom marketplace platform is there always. 

Even we admit, it sounds romantic. But, then there is the budget and time constraint. Also, the marketplace business is hugely competitive.

So, everything boils down to one simple question.

How can you quickly launch your marketplace in a cost effective way?

WordPress marketplace is paving the way for many first time marketplace founders and bootstrapped entrepreneurs.

We have already praised a lot on the uber user-friendliness of WordPress platform. Add a supreme WordPress marketplace solution now and there you go- you are ready to launch your marketplace.

Sounds too easy? Okay, let us explain. 

So, basically, good WordPress marketplace solutions come with all the features ready. All you need to do is to add that extension into your WordPress website and your marketplace platform is ready to invite vendors and customers and initiate business. No need to hunt for a good developer.

It’s impossibly possible and we wish we could explain it that well. How about trying here?

And did we say, the WordPress comes as free and some of the WP marketplace solutions too. 😛 

3.  Go as you grow, stand out from the crowd and other provocations

Human mind by nature is sceptical.

So, when we go gaga about WordPress and why every marketplace owner should consider building marketplace on WordPress, they ask us some typical questions like:

  • Can I add more features later?
  • Every WordPress website looks the same. How can I stand out?
  • I have brainstormed never-seen-before features. Can I do my bit of coding?

Yes, yes and yes for all of them and questions like these.

WordPress has become WordPress because of its huge repository of WordPress plugins. Today, WordPress has 57,000 plugins and every week the numbers are increasing. Ask for any feature, chances are WordPress has a dozen plugins ready for you.

Smart WordPress Marketplace plugins are working days and nights to make their foundation, features, offerings (all marketplace essentials) compatible with the other WordPress plugins.

A quick example: Suppose you want to create a form in your marketplace to collect customers feedback. WordPress has tons of  plugins for that and a reliable marketplace plugin will support your fav WordPress form building plugin.

Now, expand this to your other marketplace needs, from SEO, store promotions to analytics and chat assistant- WordPress provides the same support. Plugins are here to meet your needs.

Now, the second question, creating your own identity. Like the plugins, WordPress has tons of themes. Thousands of customisable options are there to apply, tweak and polish your online store. Rest assured!
On top of that, WordPress is customisable. It’s open source too. Building a software to your needs is what makes WordPress a great platform for any software. Marketplace is one of them. Plus, the good WP marketplace solutions offer you the same spot. Customise it to your needs.

4. Build a minimum viable solution:

Software industry has been running on the MVP model since the “Lean Startup” age has hit the business world. And it makes sense in marketplace business. The place is already crowded with the likes of Amazon and Alibaba and yet full of opportunities proved by Uber, Airbnb.

So why take a huge risk? Why not build a quick solution to test the idea and build something more robust and feature enriched as the business does a little good?

WordPress is a great foil to build MVPs. 

We have already talked about the less development time with the right marketplace solution and how easy it is to grow your marketplace later with the plugins at your behest. 

Thousands of smart business owners are building quick marketplaces to validate their ideas. 

5. The comfort of running business

Sorry but the truth is that running a marketplace business is already a big headache. You need to take care of the admin part of it. Managing the vendors and figuring out how to draw the customers is a different hassle altogether.

So, you need a platform that must give you all the comfort to run your business. The tech part of it, the feature part of it, the less bug and the most importantly maintenance part of it. 

WordPress has been into business over a decade. And they are continuously working on providing features that help businesses. 

For example, let’s talk about integrating the payment gateways into your marketplace. It’s a very important cog of any online marketplace. When you are with WordPress, you get all the popular and latest payment gateways, from Amazon Pay, Square, Stripe to PayPal along with all the online payment solutions. The solutions are available for both the vendors and the customers.

Such offerings are not just limited to the payment gateways. From marketing to managing the store, the perks of WordPress are unprecedented, unstoppable and amusing sometimes for the marketplace owners.

And a good WordPress marketplace solution always helps you to make the most out of such features. They make sure you are not running out of the best of the offerings provided by WordPress. 

6.  Big brands trust and love WordPress

To be honest, till date, WordPress has some sort of monopoly on the web. That’s a big YAY for all the businesses and software industry. 

Good and famous brands definitely consider WordPress as a very valuable and lucrative place to do good business. For all their new innovations, they target WordPress to kick off and moonshot their business.

Sounds extremely exciting? Now the question is, how can this benefit you?

Okay, so, you want to install a chat bot in your marketplace and you don’t want to compromise? You got both the best of the options ready in WordPress plugin category.



Just a very small example of how big brands and new innovations are targeting WordPress to spike their sales.

Even Google has launched their plugin on WordPress. 

End of discussion, we guess!

See the bottom line is while you are building a marketplace on WordPress, you are not missing out on anything but receiving the best of the best of the software business. And that too without burning a big hole in your pocket. 

Massive advantage for your marketplace.

7. You are not alone and you have freedom:

If you are going with an unpopular, never-heard foundation to build your marketplace or a single developer, chances are you will end up in isolation after some time. Forget growing your marketplace, even maintaining the platform will be a nightmare. Not with WordPress though.

The WordPress platform has evolved into a well-oiled machine thanks to the robust community. Local communities organize Word Camps for users of all skill levels. So far there are 1,064 WordCamps, in 74 cities across the globe — mostly in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Italy, Mexico, and South Africa.

That means, even if you run into trouble with your Marketplace built on WordPress, there will always be someone to help you there. And once you have support from all the corner, you can easily stop compromising with the sub-standard solutions and money monger developers.

8. No heart-breaks, neither headache:

Did we just talk about a premium, supreme yet affordable solution? Yes, WordPress provides that. But, how to prove that.

Well, WordPress was launched 16 years ago. And now the latest version, 5.4.3 has been downloaded 51 millions times while writing this blog. And the number is changing every time. Have a look here https://wordpress.org/download/counter/

To sum up, WordPress is stable, ready to help you build your much-awaited online marketplace. WordPress is the best option to build your marketplace when supported by a robust, flexible marketplace plugin which is as good as the wordpress! 

There are options available in the market. Like every other plugin. But smart ones know how to  pick the best one. This might help you https://wc-marketplace.com/direct-marketplace-compare/ 

Thanks for reading. So, have you fallen in love with WordPress or do you still believe it’s not the best option to build your marketplace ?

Shoot your questions now in the comment box below.

We are expecting some tough ones, like “hey man, read your blog and get it, but tell me why Amazon did not build their marketplace on WordPress”.?  

Waiting, waiting! 

Published on - July 13, 2020
Last updated on - July 14, 2020
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